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Submission Instruction

Copyright Statement

It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the paper do not infringe any existing copyright. Furthermore, the author indemnifies the editors and publisher against any breach of such a warranty. Authors should obtain letters of permission to reproduce or adapt copyrighted material and enclose copies of these letters with the final version of the accepted manuscript. It is also the author’s responsibility to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of the respondents or to obtain letters of permission from the respondents if such anonymity and confidentiality are to be compromised. Author/s is fully responsible if there is an issue pertaining to any litigation of the paper submitted. By submitting articles to us, it is meant that the author/s has agreed with this copyright agreement.

Manuscript Preparation

Authors are advised to follow the guidelines when preparing the manuscript. Non-adhearance to the guidelines may result to unnecessary delay, or rejection of the manuscript for publication.


The text of your paper should be typed in normal 12-point Times New Roman. The text should be set to single line spacing and in one column. Paragraphs should be justified. The first paragraph after a section or subsection should not be indented; subsequent paragraphs should be indented by 10 mm. The use of sections to divide the text of the paper is optional and left as a decision for the author. Author should set and leave 24 pt. of space above and 12-pt. of space after each section heading. As for other headings (sub-sections and sub-sub sections) and paragraphs, the spacing should be set to 12 pt. above and after.

The paper must not exceed 5,000 words inclusive of title, name of authors, authors’ affiliations and e-mails, footnotes and references. All submissions will be subjected to double blind peer reviewed, after passing a plagarism checking mechanism. The similarity index (from an established plagarism checker software) shall not exceed 25%.


The heading Abstract should be typed in bold 11-point Times New Roman. The body of the abstract should be typed in italic 11-point Times New Roman in a single paragraph, immediately following the heading. The text should be set to single spacing. The abstract should not only indicate the subject and scope of the paper but also summarize the author’s conclusion. The abstract must not exceed 300 words. Avoid citing references in the abstract. Abbreviations should be introduced at the first mention in the text.


Between 3 and 6 keywords must be used to describe the paper and each keyword should be separated by comma.

Figures and Tables

Figures and tables, as originals of good quality and well contrasted, are to be in their final form, ready for reproduction, pasted in the appropriate place in the text. . Resolution of the images should be at least 300 DPI (dots-per-inch) at the intended publication size. Each figure should consist of only a single component. If a figure with multiple images is desired, use a graphics/image editor to combine the images, plus all overlays, labels, or notes, into a single image or file before inserting into the paper. This will ensure that components of a figure do not wander when published in different formats. Captions should be typed in 11-point Times New Roman with uppercase and lowercase letters. They should be centred above the tables and beneath the figures. The width size of the lines for tables must not be thinner than ½ pt.

Table caption must briefly explain the contents of the table. Number tables consecutively and use table numbers when referencing to a Table (Table 1, Table 2, 3…). Round to two decimal digits of accuracy while reporting correlations, proportions, and inferential statistics such as t, F, and x2. Please use S1 units for all scientific and laboratory data.


The first heading should be bold, 12-point Times New Roman with all capital letters (e.g. METHODOLOGY)

The second heading should be bold, 12-point Times New Roman with the first letter of each word capital (e.g. Data Analysis)

The third heading should be bold, italic, and 12-point Times New Roman with the first letter of the title capital (e.g. Study scope)


Within the text of an article, references are to be cited by last name of author(s) and year of publication. For example:

Adamos and Nathanail (2016) proposed…

…was discovered (Adamos & Nathanail, 2016)

Biondi et al. (2017) found that…

…by driver assistance systems (Biondi et al., 2017)

Sparrow (1980a) discovered…

It was also noted (Md Isa et al., 2016; Flynn, 2007; Kang et al., 2004; Sparrow, 1980a) that…


The heading and list of references should be typed in bold (heading only) and normal 11-point Times New Roman, correspondingly. References should be listed in alphabetical order according to the first letter of the first author’s name and indented by 10 mm (after 1st row). Do not number them. Please refer and follow the APA Style 6th ed.


JSAEM has prepared a template for author to follow. [JSAEM Manuscript Template]

Copyright Transfer

Along with every submission, authors are required to complete and submit the copyright transfer form. [JSAEM Copyright Transfer]